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INNsight’s Online Guest Directory is redefining the guest experience and hotel management.

It offers guests seamless access to key information, a sustainable solution, and personalized service. Hotel owners benefit with cost savings, real-time marketing, and improved guest satisfaction.

Discover the advantages that The Online Guest Directory offers to both guests and hoteliers.

Check out this blog to see how the Online Guest Directory Powered by INNsight is revolutionizing hospitality and defining Guest Engagement.


Guests no longer desire to flip through paper-bound guest directories; in a post-COVID world, which has gone touchless for the most part, guests have been conditioned to simply scan a QR code for everything they need.  It's not just convenient; it's an eco-revolution. An Online Guest Directory that digitizes the paperbound guidebook creates an eco-friendly, sanitary, immersive experience allowing guests to engage with your brand and property while providing enhanced hospitality.

As more people care about sustainability, the Online Guest Directory (OGD) is making strides in eliminating waste and letting you show off your environmental friendliness!

By simply scanning a QR code, the Online Hotel Guest Directory turns your own devices into a source of real-time information about the hotel, its amenities, and the immediate area. No need for paper guide books!

So, as the world embraces sustainability, convenience, and technology, your hospitality business should also.

What is an Online Guest Directory for Hotels?

In an era where every traveler carries the power of Google in their pocket, you might wonder, 

"Why do we still need a guest directory in our hotel rooms?"
The answer is as clear as day. 

Before web information bombards your guests, they seek a trustworthy place to find what they need, categorized and relevant to their stay.

The Online Guest Directory is the right place to connect their searches with the relevant information curated for your property.

It offers a foolproof digital roadmap to explore your property and surrounding area.

Online Guest Directory

An Online Guest Directory for hotels is like a digital guest engagement platform.

It helps guests find information about what the hotel offers, things to do nearby, and other relevant details to improve their stay and engages guests to interact with your property.  A guest can connect with you using your customized Online Guest Directory, view special offers, research places to dine, make special requests, leave a review, and more.

Importance to Modern Hospitality

In modern hospitality, an Online Guest Directory is a must-have. Hotels need advanced technology and a focus on making guests happy and engaged with their stay.

Benefits of Online Guest Directory

Benefits for Guests

An Online Hotel Guest Directory stands as the bridge between a guest's expectations and experiences. 

Here's how an Online Guest Directory can reshape the guest journey and engagement with the INNkeeper:

A. Convenience and Accessibility

At the core of the Online Hotel Guest Directory lies the promise of unmatched convenience and accessibility to key information about the property, amenities, facilities, and other use cases. Guests no longer need to struggle with old printed materials or long schpiels at check in by the front desk.  Guests also increasingly want to bypass live interaction with staff, want to go straight to their room, and get on with their stay.  An Online Guest Directory becomes an indispensable tool to connect with guests in today’s world, where guests simply want to interact with their smartphone.

Guests can engage with your Online Guest Directory and quickly find all the information they want, like TV channels or local attractions, right at their fingertips.

An Online Guest Directory help travelers have a convenient and enjoyable stay, ensuring they get the information they need, when they need it, and how they want it.

B. Personalization and Customization

As guests want more than a place to sleep, the Online Hotel Guest Directory makes the guest experience more personalized and helps you engage with your customers. This means including personalized welcome messages, room service options, and more. This level of personalization creates a more tailored experience, making guests feel more valued and appreciated. 
It turns a regular stay into a memorable experience that demonstrates your hotel’s aptitude for how to deploy technology to enhance the guest experience.

Benefits for Hotel Owners

The Online Guest Directory does more than give guests easy access to the information they seek.

It also assists in making your operations run with ease by enhancing your branding and marketing while highlighting your hotel’s ecologically-friendly credentials.

Here's how an Online Guest Directory redefines the hotelier's approach:

A. Cost Savings

Traditional paper directories, maps, and promotional materials can quickly add up in printing costs. INNsight’s Online Guest Directory significantly reduces these expenses. It’s not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly, as it reduces paper usage.

B. Environmental Sustainability 

Speaking of being eco-friendly, reducing printd materials aligns perfectly with environmentally concisous practices. Many guests are now seeking sustainable accommodation options, and offering an online guest directory can be a selling point for eco-consious travelers. 

C. Improved Guest Experience

Guests get personalized tips and information from the Online Guest Directory, making their stay seamless and pleasant.

A satisfied guest is more likely to return and promote the hotel through word-of-mouth and positive reviews.

D. Real-time Updates 

In the changing hospitality industry landscape, staying updated is imperative. The Online Guest Directory can be updated instantly, ensuring that guests always have access to the most current data, including event schedules, menus, and promotions. This flexibility is convenient for hotel owners and allows them to react promptly to changing circumstances and keep guests informed.

Bonus Tip:

Boost guest reviews by connecting your Online Guest Directory (OGD) with a smart Review Management System (RMS) like Keen™.

This dynamic duo makes it easy for guests to leave reviews and let's hotels get feedback in real-time.

Keen™ is  the key to elevating the guest experience and fine-tuning your hospitality service levels.



According to industry data, an Online Guest Directory can transform how guests experience hotels. As digital tools continue to redefine modern hospitality, one thing is clear: 


INNsight’s Online Guest Directory is a technological leap forward in the hospitality industry. It not only streamlines operations for hoteliers but also enhances the overall guest experience. This tool is a win-win for both guests and hotel managers. Explore our Online Guest Directory today for a smarter, more eco-friendly, and guest-focused future. 

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